Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Third Eye

In my younger days when I was inclined more to read any material other than my school textbooks, I came across this concept called the third eye. If my memory serves me right, I vaguely recall it being a Tibetan concept where each person is supposed to have a hidden third eye located under the skin somewhere in the middle of the forehead, which if developed and used enables one to perceive things with greater clarity. In those days I imagined it to be a bit of hogwash and nice fiction.

Now after having journeyed much in the passage of life, I have learnt through a greater understanding of life and my Creator and my surroundings to look at things differently and this makes me wonder if in fact that that is the meaning of having and using the third eye--- that it is not a matter of developing and using a hidden physical third eye, but rather a matter of attaining to Truth where one shall invariably adjust and amend one's perception and understanding of things together with one's values, attitudes, focus and goals so that one, in a sense, looks at things differently.

It is often said that the world we live in is one simply of illusion and that the world of reality is far removed from what we know of this world. It is only through the use of that "third eye" that one shall gain a glimpse of reality. I use "glimpse of reality" because it is impossible for us in our human state to know absolute truth about our Creator and His creation, including ourselves. As has been revealed, what delights in Paradise await the believer and what punishment in Hell awaits the non-believer are beyond the realm of human comprehension. It is only through the use of metaphors that we are given an inkling of what lies ahead in the sphere of reality.

And yet on attaining a glimpse of that reality, it is invariable that one shall undergo change. Things that mattered much before fade in importance and things that never mattered before come to the forefront. Many amongst us however are afraid of embarking on these life-changing experiences simply because of its tendency to alter and affect one's "comfort zone". They would rather operate in blissful ignorance in what they "assume" they know rather than venture into the unknown and perchance discover Truth , which may require them to re-orientate their life.

From one who has travelled that lonely road towards Truth ( and believe me it can be lonely because one usually has no one but oneself as company), believe me that the joys that unfold in attaining to Truth and achieving a glimpse of Reality is more than worth all the effort and perseverance that one has to invest in such endeavour. That it shall change one's life is without a doubt but in return one shall be vested with one of life's most valued prizes---the attainment of so much of peace, contentment and serenity that is humanly possible in this world of illusion. These are qualities that cannot be bought and are hence priceless. No amount of material goodies can lead one to this state and the best that such material things can do is but provide one with fleeting moments of joy that rapidly loses its lustre. It never and cannot lead one to anything approaching happiness .Happiness is in the state of one's mind and it is only through understanding and the fruition of one's search and love for Truth that one can attain to anything approaching true happiness.

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