Sunday, March 2, 2008

Finding Solace.

Last Friday during Jumaah prayers at Masjid Al Ghufran, I felt a sudden peace dwell upon and envelope me. I felt as though Allah swt was telling me that despite all the problems that were being faced, that I was not to worry but to fully trust in Him.

Nothing ever happens by accident. Everything is by design and we need only look around us and perceive the magnificence and preciseness of Allah's creation for us to understand that. And there are things that we do not understand but if we trust in Him, then know that He only means and shall design and carry out the best for each of His creatures. Thus if things occur that appear to us to be calamitous, be comforted that it occurs only with the leave of and permission of Allah swt. and that He alone knows what is best for His creatures.

Our vision is hampered by the illusive character of this World but believe that in the sphere of Reality, Allah swt knows what is best and that He designs what is best for each and every of His creatures. Accept with full acceptance of the heart therefore whatever Allah swt wills and accept too whatever outcome of anything that Allah swt has ordained.

Those thoughts comforted me and I trust that Allah swt will do whatever He knows to be the best and that whatever is the outcome of things, we should accept with full trust in our Creator.

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